Saturday, July 28, 2012

Bridal Party Notebooks

Hey all! I wanted to update you on all of the planning/applying! Since my last post I have officially applied for about 8 more open positions at various school districts, but no phone call yet. :(

I have been very busy with wedding plans however! :) I am very excited to show you what I have made for my amazing moms and bridesmaids! 

This idea started out while my future mother-in-law and sister-in-law went with me to try on my selection of bridesmaid options. My future mother-in-law was carrying around some papers that I had given her about the wedding as well as a printout picture of the dress she might be getting. Me, being Ms. OCD and DYING to do a craft soon, got an idea!

I went to Wal-Mart, and purchased some folders in our wedding colors: 

Simple 3-prong folders in our wedding colors: teal and yellow

I then went to my mom's work (and family owned/operated sign business) and printed out some vinyl lettering. This was a surprise for all the girls, so keeping my mom out of her own office was fun at times! :) I then took these letters home and applied them in the secrecy of my bedroom. 

Before I post the final pictures, I want to apologize for the bad quality of pictures. The folders really are a lot more bright and true colored, but the camera and lighting I was using to take these pictures was not good! 

All of the folders I made!

So, what do you think? I made the mom's folders in teal with white lettering. I made my MOH folder have teal with yellow lettering. Then, all the bridesmaids are yellow folders with teal lettering!

I then put 8 page protectors in each folder and stuck a "cover page" in the first page protector with our names, wedding date, and ceremony/reception location! 

I am seriously thinking about selling these to other future brides. I am even in the process of making  Groom/Groomsmen folders that will be given to them the week of the wedding, with bridal party contact information, schedules of the week and most importantly, the ceremony information. As for all my girls, they get them now to keep their dress order information in and any other wedding goodies I might find for them!

Please spread the word on these to any other future brides you think would like this for their wedding party. The folders come in TONS of colors and the vinyl comes in literally hundreds of colors in every shade! They definitely helps keep everyone organized - my favorite!! :)

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

And the Search Continues

Yesterday I completed teaching applications for four different school districts. Let me tell you, four applications in one day is a lot. Now I just get to sit around and wait for a possible e-mail or phone call. I'll keep you posted!

Also yesterday, I decided to try and start figuring out our wedding budget. I wasn't so successful. There is so much stuff that goes in to planning a wedding, I feel like I am already overwhelmed. We have our photographer booked, and we know where we want the ceremony. Other than that, nothing is finished! I feel convinced that I have to get 95% of all the wedding planning finished before the summer is up, so I have time to devote to my hopefully first year teaching full-time. Too bad I'm not a millionaire. Planning would be much easier. :)

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Just Getting Started

This is my first time ever doing anything like we'll see how it goes. I will post more later, I'm just trying to get started for now. :)